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Ice Mice and House League

Our Instructional Hockey programs, Ice Mice and House League, comprise the foundation of our Brookline Youth Hockey program where new, young players (Warriors) learn how to play hockey.  The program is intended for players ages 4 - 9, however, consideration will be given for older children interested in learning how to play the game.  Brookline Youth Hockey is fortunate to provide our families with one of the most amazing hockey experiences in the Greater Boston Area with our home rink:  The Jack Kirrane Rink at Larz Anderson Park.

Ice Mice
Designed for first- and some second-year players who can skate without adult assistance. Our focus is on skating skills, puck control, and fun! All Ice Mice players practice together and are divided by age and ability level to work in small area skills stations. This is where are youngest Warriors first learn the joys of the game of hockey.  Ice Mice Hockey sessions take place Saturday mornings and early Sunday evenings from the beginning of December through the end of February / beginning of March. Anticipated start: early Last weekend of November/Dec 1st.
House League
BYH's next level of our Instructional Program is designed for our second- and third- year players. Our focus is on skating skills, puck control, positional play, weekly cross-ice scrimmages and even more fun!. Skaters will be evaluated by the coaches to begin the season for the developing hockey abilities including:  skating forward and backward, balance on both edges of the blades, and basic handling of the puck with the stick.  This is where are young Warriors fall learn to love the game of Hockey.  House League Warriors will be divided into teams that will play in round-robin cross-ice scrimmages throughout the season, culminating in the highly-anticipated House Cup Tournament.  Practices are three times per week:  Saturday mornings, early Sunday evening, and one weekday evening. Anticipated start: mid-November.
Each player must bring a hockey stick and must wear a helmet with a face shield, hockey skates, knee pads, elbow pads, hockey pants and hockey gloves.  While BYH does not promote any particular vendor, there are several local vendors that are frequently visited by members of BYH.  Some commonly used vendors of hockey equipment in no specific order include:

If you are unfamiliar with how to size equipment or have any specific questions these stores are a good resource.  Pure Hockey and Sports Monkey (Hockey Monkey) both have special Learn to Play beginner package deals for new players, which include everything your child will need to get out on the ice.  Additionally, Play It Again Sports (630 Washington Street, Dedham, 781-493-6796) sells new and used equipment, which is a useful option since the gear can be expensive and skaters grow fast! Please note these stores are offered as suggestions and BYH is not affiliated with any of these purveyors.


Players of the appropriate ages are eligible to enroll in Brookline Youth Hockey instructional programs regardless of where they live or attend school.  For the 2017-18 season, the age requirements are:

Ice Mice:  Birth Years 2009-2014

House League:  2007-2012

Note that if your player cannot skate without adult assistance at this time, Brookline Youth Hockey does not have a Learn-to-Skate program/option. There are several local Learn to Skate programs around Boston such as The Skating Club of Boston, BU FitRec, or Warrior Rink.

The Association area of this website has general information about BYH, including announcements, online registration, contacts, and a feedback page. Please click on each link below and read each section thoroughly, as it has all of the information you will need if this is your first time completing the registration process.

What program do I register my child for?
What equipment will my child will need? 
How much does the program cost?

The Team area has news, schedules, and results for our instructional and travel teams.  This area of the website will be useful after you have completed the registration process and the teams have been assigned.

Please read all of the information under About BYH before contacting us with questions. Feel free to use the Feedback link at left to tell us about problems and give us your suggestions.  If you have additional questions about the instructional program or BYH in general, please contact Richie Sheridan at RSher12@hotmail.com


We look forward to seeing you and your Warriors on the ice very soon!