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PLEASE READ before you start the registration process:  

In order to be eligible for a BYH Travel Team your child must satisfy at least one of two conditions:  either your child must be a resident of Brookline and / or your child must attend a public or private school in Brookline.  If this is not the case and you believe there are extenuating circumstances which would allow an exception, please contact us before you proceed. 

Your USA Hockey number:
Every child playing for a team needs a USA Hockey number. There is a yearly fee for this number that is separate from the BYH program. Please click here to obtain a new 2018-19 USA Hockey number for your player(s).  Please note: You might need to type in your child's number, copying and pasting might not work.

To proceed with registration:

1.  For the first player you want to register, choose the appropriate team and click "Begin Registration". If you have more than one player in your family, choose them in order from oldest to youngest.

2. Confirm that you are at least 18 years old — parents must perform online transactions for their children.

3. Enter your email address and login.  If you cannot remember your password, follow the given directions on that page for assistance in retrieving it.  Please do not create a new account; this creates duplicate records which makes it difficult for us to track your payments, prevents the system from recognizing your skater when we submit rosters, and will not permit you any family discounts.  If you fail to retrieve a forgotten password or otherwise have difficulty with your account, please notify us here before you proceed and we will sort it out. 

4. In your family listing, each family member who was eligible for the registration you chose should have a button to the left of his / her name. Click the button to the left of your child's name (marked Edit) now.

5. You will see a page with member information for your child. Delete last year's USA Hockey number (which is now invalid) and replace it with the new USA Hockey number you obtained in Step 1.  Now is also a good time to verify all other information in your child's record, including contact information and mailing address, is correct.  Remember to make sure that your email address is correct.  Please check your settings for email / text notifications, as these will transmit reminders for practices and games.  Click Submit.

6. If you have more players to register now, you can click a link on the next page to do so.  If you have no more players to register, click the Pay Now button and pay the initial fee by credit card.  Your credit card will be automatically charged the remaining fees on the scheduled dates as noted below



Squirt, PeeWee, U12 Girls, U14 Girls, Bantams


Upon Registration



September 15



November 15th




7. For travel teams, your child's place on the roster will not be secured unless your initital installment payment is made by the deadline of June 15, 2018.

8.  USA Hockey numbers do NOT belong in parent / guardian records! Please take a moment to make sure that you have placed this number in ONLY your child's record.  No adult in the system should have a USA Hockey number in the record unless he / she is a BYH coach.


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